Driving Around Tasmania

Driving around Tasmania is a great experience.

Here are some basic road rules to follow:

  • In Australia we drive on the left hand side of the road.
  • All occupants in the vehicle must wear a seat belt.
  • Always carry a driver’s license in English language.
  • Drive no faster than the speed limit signs.
  • Alcohol level in Tasmania is 0.05 for experienced drivers. Provisional drivers and young drivers may not have any alcohol before driving.
  • Fatigue causes many crashes in Australia. When driving long distances, stop and rest every 2 hours.
  • All traffic must proceed in a clockwise direction in a roundabout. A vehicle already on a roundabout has right of way over any vehicles entering.
  • Always overtake to the right. Be sure you can see enough of the road to complete overtaking and move back to your side of the road. Never overtake on corners, blind rises or on double white lines. When overtaking heavy vehicles in wet weather, beware of wind turbulence and wheel spray causing a reduction in visibility. Allow plenty of space behind you when pulling back in after passing a truck. Trucks can’t stop as quickly as cars, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  • Australia is lucky to have many native animals living in their natural habitats. Enjoy them, but remember they can be a hazard on country roads.
  • Remember that campervans can be double the height and length of sedan vehicles. Keep an eye out for height indicator signs. overhanging tree branches etc.).